Do You know in your heart there is  MORE  to life?

You know that you’ve not even scratched the surface of your potential to give, to do, to explore, to grow.

You’re ready to put fear aside and create a life you’re proud of, filled with meaning, purpose, joy and surrounded by all the things you love.

You feel your bigger dreams and desires are getting lost in amongst dealing with all the daily sh*t that life throws at you.

You’ve realised along the way that you were working towards or living someone else’s version of happiness.

You’re desperate to move forward but you feel stuck, frustrated and often overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin or how to change things.

You worry that life is passing you by and you’re yet to make a start truly LIVING your dream.

I know  exactly  how you feel...

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That was me 6 years ago. I knew I wanted MORE. The problem was I didn’t really know what this more was and felt pretty ungrateful for even admitting it to myself.

In pursuit of more, I left behind all I had known and set out on an adventure to travel the world, try new things, uncover new passions and fully embrace my desires.

I completely transformed my life, I want to help you do the same!

I went from a “safe bet” unfulfilled life, with an outwardly success job that just didn’t light me up and in a passionless relationship…to a life of freedom and meaning.

Now I enjoy a balanced life, full of purpose and all the things I LOVE: living by the beach in Portugal, globe trotting adventures, yoga, surfing, being in nature, sunset wine with friends, working with others to help them transform their lives too…and so many more deeply fulfilling experiences! (Learn more about my story here)

If you’re ready to leap, I’ve got your back…

With me as your coach it’s not just talk, I’ve personally walked every footstep of this journey of transformation for myself. So if you’re wondering why I’m the perfect person to help you find and live your very own dream life? It’s because I know the obstacles and stumbling blocks first hand. I know what you’re going through, but more importantly I know how to get through it!

I believe that although every single woman’s version of a meaningful life is unique, underneath we're all looking for the same thing:

FREE & Fulfilled lives

Free from the burden of negative thinking, self-doubt and restrictive belief systems. Free to choose exactly what you want your life to look like and be filled with.

I know you have the power to totally transform your life and feel deeply fulfilled.

I know your dream life is just waiting for you to show up.

I know because if I can do it, so can you!

‘totally transform your reality’…

During my 3 month personalised one-on-one programme you will:

1. GET CLARITY: By taking an honest inventory you’ll get crystal clear about the different areas of your life, to form focused priorities and intentions. You’ll no longer wonder what that more is that you’re seeking you'll finally know, and with it feel the motivation and peace of mind that comes with pursuing real life purpose.

2. DEVELOP AN UNSTOPPABLE MINDSET: We’ll tackle those self limiting beliefs, habits and actions which are currently holding you back from living the fulfilled life you deserve. That may mean the courage to quit your unsatisfying job and travel, the self worth to finally call into your life the relationship you deserve, the self belief to know with unshakeable certainty that you have the power to shape your life however you want it!

3. TURN DREAMS TO REALITIES: Nurturing your passions, interests and gifts we will uncover your deepest desires and strengthen them into completely achievable goals. Rather than just settling for what you think you can get, we’re going to use what you truly want as your new guide in life. That means those dreams will no longer feel distant, instead they’ll be within easy reach.

4. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE: Yes we'll talk, but we'll also do. This coaching programme is about results! Through the power of inspired actions we’ll create a practical, measurable and easy to follow, step by step road map to your new life. You’ll notice not only deep shifts on the inside and how you feel, but also visible transformation on the outside of your life too.

Louise is full of positive energy and ideas, believed in me and kept me accountable, even after we had finished working together. She is very supportive but calls you out on your excuses and kicks your ass in a nice way when needed (like when I tried to procrastinate). I can highly recommend her!
— Tanja


how we do this

- There’s no denying it. Change can be hard. That’s exactly why I’m here to guide you through this EVERY STEP OF THE WAY with 12 powerful weekly (50 minutes) coaching sessions. During these deep delving conversations we work out exactly what you want (so you no longer feel stuck), allow your real potential to shine (so you feel more fulfilled) and tackle the inevitable fears and doubts that arise from taking action towards a bigger, better life (so you can stop being paralysed by fear with nothing holding you back).

- In between sessions you’ll receive personalised audio and workbook trainings, based on your own unique needs, to support our work together and maximise your progress.

- Personal support, guidance and encouragement in between sessions. I’m 100% in this with you. Believe me when I tell you that accountability to keep you on track is one of the biggest factors in making goals happen. Yes I’m here to hold your hand, but its equally my job to kick your ass when you need it. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Your Investment…

$1995 when paid in full, or 3 instalments of $710

I only work with:

  • Motivated women who are done with letting life happen to them and want to make life work for them .

  • Women who are prepared to take responsibility and control in creating a life on their own terms.

Does this sound like you?

Then let’s set up a 30 minute complimentary discovery call.

Action Takers Bonus…

If you decide to purchase within 48 hours of our initial Discovery Call you will also receive a 2 hour follow-up Deep Dive Intensive ($399 value). This extra accountability coaching session, held one month after our 3 month coaching programme finishes, will check in with your progress and road map your next steps forward to keep you on track to uncovering your next level in life!


There will always be a reason to put off taking action on the changes you know need to be made in life. Deciding to invest in yourself is scary, but it’s also powerful beyond measure when we know we are worthy of it. When we’ve got ‘skin in the game’ it’s the exact incentive we need to make sure we fully show up and finally do the work. Ask yourself how you will feel in 3 months time, knowing you made the commitment to yourself, got the job done, and are finally reaping the benefits. I always say dreams are just realities that we don’t yet fully believe in. How will deciding to fully believe in your dreams now, transform your reality over the next 3 months?

I don’t want to sell you a fantasy because this isn’t a story about winning the life lottery, every day's a holiday, fairy tales come true…


…It doesn't need to be! Life will always be ups and downs, light and shade, joy and heartache. This is a story about learning to allow life to flow without trying to stop it. Inviting real experiences in rather than trying to shut the door on them. It's about wanting to take a journey out into the world, whatever that may bring, so you look back and say you lived your best possible life. It's about daring to look at life and say:

“I want more.

I can give more.

Life can be more”

Can you afford to waste even one more day letting life pass you by?

Let’s go find your more!

Book your FREE 30 minute discovery call now, where we will start to uncover your biggest desires, confront your own personal stumbling blocks and already get you on your way to more fulfilled living!

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