The REAL secrets of manifestation: How to create a life you love.

Manifestation: we all love the idea of it, but do you ever wonder if you’re missing something? How do you actually get it to truly work for you? You’ve gotten clear on your intentions and told life what it is that you want. You’re even doing the daily affirmations and are trying to convince yourself, as much as you possibly can, that it really is on the way! But it still hasn’t arrived yet and you’re starting to worry that maybe the Universe got the wrong address!

Manifestation sounds almost like some kind of magical wish list of the cosmos, where we throw out what we want, and if we just show faith, it will happen. But manifestation is a Santa Claus figure of the Universe, guaranteed to drop off whatever presents your heart most desires, if only you believe hard enough in him (with all your fingers crossed).

Experience shows me time and time again that LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS. Like attracts like, and what you think about you do become. So then why if thoughts do become things, isn’t everybody living their dream life?

Why does manifestation not work for some people? Here are the 2 BIGGEST secrets to manifesting the life you want, and why many people are getting it wrong...

Secret number 1 to manifest the life you want:

Manifestation is not about acquiring things to make you happy.

Yes law of attraction and manifestation work, but not if you are only using it to try and manipulate the Universe into giving you what you think will make you happy (please note the “think” here, because we often realise when we get something, that it didn’t even make us happy). Law of attraction works from the inside out. When you plant the right seeds of love, joy and creation, then you enjoy the rewards of the harvest. But if you’re just trying to manifest that new job, a bigger bank balance or amazing husband with the hope that it will make you happy, it is still coming from a place of lack...and so that is most likely what you will receive...lack, frustration and self doubt. 

When you can truly see and believe deep down that everything you need to be happy already exists within you, then the external manifestation happens as a by-product, completely on its own. The results really can appear quite magical.

Secret number 2 to manifest the life you want:

Manifestation is active not passive.

Manifestation is not a delivery service that works like Amazon Prime. Just one click, in the form of an intention, and then what you ordered will just show up on your doorstep. Manifestation is actually a partnership. It is a co-creation WITH life. Like all partnerships, it works most effectively when you each put in the effort.

Whatever you have decided that you want to create and do in life, you need to do your half. Many people just try and use manifestation through the passive act of thinking, but manifestation is active and requires action! So after you decide what you want, you have a role to play in making it happen. What does that look like?


1. Showing up for yourself & taking appropriate action.

2. Learning to say NO to what you don’t want. 

When you take the initiative, and act on what it is you want with the innocent enthusiasm of creation, then you’ll find that life finds ways to support you. That might be through new opportunities that come your way, or the right people to help you being thrown into your path. The Universe will meet you half-way!

It’s also important to remember that if you’re still saying yes to what you don’t want, then you’re sending out mixed messages. You say you want a deeply loving and supportive relationship, yet you’re still giving your time to that guy, or gal who treats you like shit! Learning to say no to what we don’t want is a vital part of attracting what we DO want.

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