The Power of Intention

With the New Year just around the corner I think now's a good time to talk about a slightly overlooked and subtle, BUT VERY IMPORTANT, part of getting what you want out of life...

Intention is everything!

I recently used this analogy with a client who was feeling frustrated that what she wants doesn't seem to be coming her way. I asked if she had taken the time to sit down and get super clear about what she's looking for.

What that life looks like? What it sounds like? What it feels like? How she will look, act and feel when it arrives?

No she hadn't.

The thing is we think we have a vague idea of what we're looking for, but without the power of intention behind it, it's a bit like sitting at home absolutely starving and wondering why your takeaway is taking so bloody long?!...

The haven't actually placed the order!

Sure, you know you're hungry and you want the food to arrive, but you never got down to choosing all the delicious treats you want from the menu of life.


Take 10 minutes for yourself to sit down in a quiet place, with a pen and paper, and lay out what you want. 

"But I don't know exactly what I want?"

The beauty is, it doesn't even matter! It's not about specifics, it is about the bigger intentions behind what your surface life may end up looking like.

So ask yourself questions like:

How do I want to feel?
What qualities do I want to show ?
How do I want to behave?
What do I want my life to look like?
Don’t see it as a “shopping list” of right’s and wrong’s for life, just as a playful way to get even clearer on your deep desires.

By sending these strong psychological messages to yourself you:

1) Subtly change your energy, making it easier to attract what you are looking for.
2) Help to get clearer, so you find it easier to avoid things that take you away, rather than towards, what makes you happy.

You may just be surprised about the powerful transformations you can see when you use the magic of intention!