Work less, live MORE

It’s time for a work revolution - working LESS isn’t lazy it’s evolution!!!⁣⁣
I don't want my work to take up anything more than about one quarter of my time in life. 
It may sound radical but hey, so did taking children out of mills who were working 16 hours a day in 19th Century Britain.  Negative greedy naysayers always speak of how the system will collapse with such drastic social reform.

Does it?

Of course not! Instead we adapt, it pushes innovation and technology even further and makes the world a much better place.

Any suggestion that if you don’t want to work 40 hours a week (spending most of your time earning money for someone else) that you are lazy, is a completely outdated idea.

The "reward" of a couple of weeks holiday (with a vacation if you can afford it) and buying lots of pointless stuff along the way to distract yourself from the monotony of an unfulfilling life no longer holds sway with the generations looking for meaning, purpose and balance.

Don't want to work so much? I want to tell you this is not spoilt, it is evolution!
An evolution that if harnessed can improve standards of living for the many.

But we must be brave enough to go out and seek this new working world. We must be prepared to leave behind other people’s outdated notions of success to evaluate what is REALLY important in life and create a life that can support this.

It’s not about money, it’s not even about working less (if you enjoy what you're doing and give through your work) it's about the freedom to shape your world the way YOU want it, rather than being told how your own time needs to be spent!

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