I knew I wanted more from life.

At the beginning of 2013 my life was very different. I had a steady job as a Broadcast Journalist at the BBC in the UK, a steady boyfriend and an all round steady existence. Like any good “I quit my life” story, my dissatisfaction with life had been building for some time. Although I was thankful for all I had, there was always a feeling inside that never went away. A feeling that I'd got it wrong, that life wasn't supposed to be like this. I felt a mixture of guilt, at what I told myself was a lack of gratitude for how blessed I already was, and frustrated panic that life was passing me by and I wasn’t any closer to even identifying, let alone achieving this mysterious “more” that I suspected was hiding. I wasn’t living my best version of life, and I knew it!


The leap is difficult but the free fall is easy…

Gravity just takes over, I promise!

I finally lost the false sense of security that had been holding me back when my relationship broke down. The fallout became a beautiful catalyst for my new 'here goes nothing' attitude. An attitude I used to quit my job, leave my comfort zone and buy a one way ticket to New Zealand. For the very first time I had no plans at all. Nowhere to go, no direction to follow, no goals to achieve…except one...just to truly live, and see what happens.

Since then I have travelled all around the world. I’ve lived in a tent at isolated beaches, taken Italian lessons in Turin, learnt to surf, walked on broken glass, swam naked in ice cold rivers, cared for abandoned horses, hiked up volcanoes, driven my little car 1000's of miles across Europe, trained to become a yoga teacher in India, and so many more life changing experiences. I have pushed my boundaries further than I ever thought I would dare.

Never in my whole life had I felt such fear, excitement, relief, confusion, gratitude, resistance and peace. I learned one of the biggest obstacles to transformation is the fear of getting started and making a change. Especially when you feel like you have zero clue about what it is you even want. But I also discovered that for anyone prepared to take the leap, you have the power to create your life exactly the way you want it.


Life has brought many adventures…

Both outward adventures into the world, and inward adventures back to myself.

what does my life look like now?

My own unique version of fulfilment is based on freedom. The freedom of having a meaningful heart-centred and location independent business that supports others who are tired of playing small and ready to transform their own lives.

close up edit.jpg

I finally found my “MORE” in life…

Right now it’s living by the beach in a laid back little surf town in Portugal. Here I get to be in nature, still travel the world and have plenty of time for the rainbow of things I love and value.

Catch up with me in 10 years and my version of fulfilment will most likely change along with my desires. This is the magical evolution of life! I know when it happens I’ll be ready to get on board for the ride. I finally made the 100%, no going back commitment to show up for my own life, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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